Hey y’all - it’s been a while. Any submissions?


Eric Whitacre just said he was hoping for a female Doctor in Doctor Who


Today is my main man Josh's birthday! Could y'all send him some happy wishes? It's his 21st and we should give him something great to wake up to :)

24 hours left to turn in your Virtual Choir Bliss video! Have you submitted yours yet?


Virtual Choir 4: Bliss

I HAVE BEEN A TERRIBLE BLOGGER BECAUSE I FORGOT TO TELL YOU ALL ABOUT VC4!  Submissions are currently underway and ending soon, and you should check it out right now if you want to get involved!

I’ve been without a laptop so I haven’t been able to make sure you all know about this, but here’s your signal boost! Send in your EWVC video soon, they’re due next weekend!

trumpetforte sent: im so happy i found this :DDDDDDDDD

I’m happy you found this too! :D




Remember that one time Eric Whitacre made a your mom joke and it was legendary?

OMFG. I love Eric <3333

Why is he so perfect? 

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On Eric Whitacre’s facebook page, he promised to release a pop song that he recorded way back in 1986 whenever he reached 100,000 likes.  Today was that magical day.

Without further ado, here’s Trust Me, a pop song written and sung by Eric Whitacre in 1986.  This is some quintessential 80’s pop right here.

-Choir Problems

P.S. Sorry if you’re not a fan, but you’re just going to have to tolerate my Whitacre updates.

I believe that some classical musicians can get very militant about the need for music-reading skills and theory, and I couldn’t disagree more: there are all kinds of ways to make and understand great music, and not all of them (even classical music, require music-reading skills). As someone who couldn’t fluently read music until I was in my mid-twenties I feel like I’m in a position to argue both sides. There are people with extraordinary musical gifts who truly struggle with reading music, especially if they come to it late in life, and all too often the classical community just casually dismisses them.

Eric Whitacre (x)

If there’s anything that I would like to do, it would be to turn people on to choral music. Choral music, and classical music in general, has to do with exposure. Ninety-five percent of the time, if you can just get someone in the room to see someone great, it’ll blow their minds. So, yes, if I can in any way become the gateway drug to choral music, that would be just fine.

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